Brooke Valentine - Cover Girl Lyrics

Writer(s) : Johnson, Larry Curtis
Artist: Brooke Valentine Lyrics
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Album: Track 5 on Chain Letter
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Hey, oh oh oh
Hey, oh hey
Oh yeah, oh yeah

I wish I could be
That girl in the magazine everybody sees
She so pretty, I wish I could be
When I close my eyes I see
What you want me to be
That girl

Wish I could be your cover girl
Mascara, and lipstick
I would be so pretty
A little blush, not too much
Maybe you'll notice
That I could be your cover girl
Or accept me for me
Cover girl

Boy, when you're alone with me
I'm takin' good care of you
Givin' everything you need
I don't know if it's good enough for you
'Cause you're always in the TV
When you're right here next to me
I know I'm not Halle Berry, girls from videos
I just want to be someone you can hold
I just want to be the one for you
Baby, baby


Boy, I love you
Just the way you are
And if you feel the same way bout me
Beauty is only skin deep, baby
Boy, I don't need accesories to magnify my beauty
Could you just love what you see


Mmm, I can be
I can be
Your cover girl
Your cover girl
Mascara, and my lipstick, I'd be so oh pretty
I can be everything you need, you need
I can be be
For you baby
Your cover girl
Cover girl
Cover girl
Cover girl

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