Cheb Mami - Le rai c'est chic Lyrics

Artist: Cheb Mami Lyrics
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Album: Track 1 on Dellali
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le rai cest chic le rai cest chic
cherie pas de chichi
aa teqel chic wi zidi teqel chic

omri leek intya
nekhsar meli wingool
omri leek inya
nekhsar meli wingool
aah tellement nebghik
ma nehdar shi
tellement nebghik, ma nehdar shi

lesbaab illi nebghik
wana galbi ghir aaleek
wila hebna, ma tehdar shi
gaed bil baz, fe eldar shi

omri wela hebnou
nekhsar meli wingool
harta bledi, ma tehdar shi

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