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He's my man and I know it
'Cause I get a tremblin' deep in my soul
That I can't ignore and I can't control it
What a man, whoa!

He's my fortress
I'm safe from harm when everything is all wrong
May not play ball and ain't trippin' on my record deal
Still he is to me an amazing thrill

He's my man and I'm proud about it
I'm goin' shout about it
Ain't no doubt about it

That's my man
Ain't goin' let no one say nothing bad 'bout my baby
That's my man
Spent too many nights on my knees praying to Jesus
I'm his lady
That's my man
Ladies you know a good man is hard to find
And now I got mine
You better believe it
That's my man
He's the only one for me

Slow your role
See how you goin' tell me 'bout my man when you ain't got a man of your own
See I already know
You can't stand my man really loves me

Don't cheat, or beat, or sleep around on me and cares about my needs
We fuss and fight but he knows when it's over
That every night I'm positive my man is coming home to me
He's my man and I'm proud about it

I'm goin' shout about it
Ain't no doubt about it


If you're willing to do whatever
Look in his eyes and tell him I love you boy
Yeah, yeah and if he's not there at the moment

Call him and let him know I love you boy
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
God smiled on me when he brought you in my life
Never want to do you wrong

Always gonna do you right
You mean more to me than anything else in the world
You'll always be my man
I'll always be your girl

[Repeat: x2]
(God smiled on me when...)

And I need you for the rest of my life
Ooo I love my man
Makes me feel so good inside
Ooo I feel so sorry for the ladies that don't have love in their life

'Cause mine loves me right
Ooo I said that God smiled on me
He gave me something that I've never seen
Oh and I love him

Said that I love him
Oh I love him, I love him, I love him