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I've got the radio blastin'
I've got the windows rolled down
And I'm cruisin' these backroads
on the outskirts of town
I can feel the wind a-blowin'
Hear the big engines whine
When I'm cruisin' these backroads
All my troubles are behind

Well when I woke up this morning
Well I took me a look outside
It was plain to see it was one of those days
tailor-made for taking a ride
So I went downstairs and cleared my head
with coffee and cigarettes
And when it hit me right there
then my mind was set

Well I phoned work and told'em
they're going to be a man short today
I got the sunny day blues, there's only one thing
that's gonna make them go away
So I went out and I climbed in to my big ol' Chevrolet
And with a turn of the key and a cloud of dust
I was on my way


Well maybe I did maybe I didn't
Go and lose my job today
But you can take my cares, take my worries
and blow them all away
For there comes a time in any man's life
when he's got to break free
I got four good wheels and an endless road
Stretched out in front of me