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Oh she may weeping
Young girls... they do get weary
Wearing that same old shaggy dress
But when she get worried
Try a little tenderness
You know she is waiting
Just anticipating
The things that she'll never, never possess
No, No, No
But while she's waiting there for that
All you gotta do
Is try a little tenderness (baby)
Baby it's not (baby it's not)
Sentimental (Sentimental)
She has a dream and cares (oh yeah)
But these soft words (these soft words)
Spoken gentle (Spoken gentle yeah)
It makes is easier, easier to bare
You won't regret it
Young girls they don't forget it
No they don't forget
Love is their only happiness
But it's all so easy
Just try, try, try a little tenderness
Try a little tenderness
Give her all your love forever
Give her all your tenderness
Cause she needs your love forever
[chorus: till end]