Cutting Crew - It Shouldn't Take Too Long Lyrics

Writer(s) : Norman, Malcolm / Beedle, Martin / Eede, Nicholas / Farley, Colin / Macmichael, Kevin
Artist: Cutting Crew Lyrics
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Album: Track 9 on Broadcast
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Too many times have I told you, feel your way
If it's question of answers, then have your say
Don't go giving me reasons, we all have a price
And in that moment of indecision,
You'll never understand why

It shouldn't take too long, to set the thing moving
It shouldn't take too long, so long as you believe it
It shouldn't take too long, (to get what you want)

Forget the popular notion, lead the way
You've never known what you wanted until today
Through fire and water, you, you can survive
To make the best of the situation,
You have to understand why

It shouldn't take too long...

When I was a boy in the summer rain
Every hour seemed days to me

It shouldn't take too long...

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