Donell Jones Shorty (Got Her Eyes on Me) Lyrics

Artist: Donell Jones
Publishers: ©Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.
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Length: 3:13

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Ooh, ooh...
Ooh, ooh...
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah...
Whoa, whoa...
Whoa, whoa...yeah...
Listen baby

(verse 1)
Up in the place i see you getting down
Can't help but look at you
Gotta crowd around you
Now you're the baddest thing i've seen tonight
So come on girl let's put it in flight
I got the v-1-2, 6-4-0
Sitting outside of the door
So bring it on, by the way
Your body's plays for
And that's a little something a ***** craves for

It's a quarter past three
Girl, what's it gonna be
Shorty got her eyes on me
We've been talking since two
Girl, what'cha gonna do
Tell 'em that you're riding with me
It's a quarter past three
Girl, what's it gonna be
Shorty got her eyes on me
You've been fronting since two
Girl, what'cha gonna do
I'll be chillin' at the embassy, what

(verse 2)
I'm watching you move
I stop to fantasize
About the way i'm gonna put it on her *** tonight
So come on and ride shotgun
I got the bubbles if you like it we can pop some
I see me and you, flossing in my coupe
Maybe we can peel back to roof
And get it on
And i see your body's plays for
I like the little thing around your navel, baby

All i know is i'm not leaving here alone, yeah
Now you might be the baddest in the club to me
But shorty's got it bad and want to slide with me tonight
So what'cha gonna do
Is it gonna be me and you
You got to stop playing games
Girl, you got to stop faking me, ooh

(chorus/fade out)
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