Jake Owen Who Said Whiskey (Was Meant to Drink a Woman Away) Lyrics

Artist: Jake Owen
Publishers: ©Universal Music Publishing Group
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Length: 3:27

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Oh boys do y'all see that blonde in the back standing near the bachelorette?
Yeah well I've been coming here for the last couple years; shes about as hot as it gets
Well shes acting kinda shy but just give her a while, everything's about to change
No I cant hear their toast, but I know where this goes, it always happens the same

Yeah one shot will get her out on the dance floor
One more she starts to like the taste
A few rounds later she'll be hanging on some fella
Right up in front of the stage
Another couple drinks oh they're headed to his place
Tonight is some guys lucky day
Oh now who said whiskey was meant to drink a woman away?

Oh boy here she goes, the booze started flowing, shes beginning to loosen up
Yeah she and all her friends are headed towards the band, they must've played a songs she loves
Well shes singing to the music the way them hips are moving looks like shes got the feeling right
Well a slow song is coming ya'll shes looking round for someone, I swear it happens every time


And with every sip she takes inhibitions go away and a good time is all that she sees
Well excuse me boys I gotta go and say hello
That lady looks thirsty to me

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