Hanky Panky Lyrics

k.d. lang

writers: Stewart Macdougall K.d. Lang
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producer: Jamie Kidd, k.d. lang, Gaye Delorme
writer: k.d. lang, Gordie Matthews

When I wink at you with one of my eyes
Mean to meet behind the barn in 5
I'll be waiting with a sweet surprise


Folks might wonder where we've wandered to
Might be doing things we aint' supposed to do
I just wanna spend some time alone with you


Hanky Panky
Hanky Panky
Hanky Panky 2X

Maybe tomorrow we can go for a ride
In the country sitting side by side
I've got some things that I'd like to confide

Hanky Panky
Hanky Panky
Hanky Panky 3X

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