k.d. lang - When We Collide Lyrics

Writer(s) : LANG, K. D. / LABORIEL, ABE JR.
Artist: k.d. lang Lyrics
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Album: Track 9 on Invincible Summer
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Remembering the wind
Kiss soft the evening`s end
I`m floating in a world of
Where I want to be
I've played it in my mind
At least a million times
Rewinding to the world of
Where I wanna be
When we collide
A universe of stars fill our eyes
When we collide
Like heaven has exploded inside
Suspended in mid-air
Blissfully aware
I`m drifting in a world of
Where I want to be
There must be something wrong
All gravity is gone
Now I`m flying in a world of
Where I want to be
As the sun
Has begun to rise
I realize my pride
All my fears
Fall like tears of joy
Whenever we collide

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