La Rocca - Some You Give Away Lyrics

Artist: La Rocca Lyrics
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Album: Track 6 on The Truth
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What ever happened
to the promises you made
Those little notions
of your breakthrough day
My one mistake was
in making some room
Leaving doors unlocked
that you pushed through
And taking too much time

Some you lose and some you give away
Some you lose and some you give away

I lost some friends out
on that empty road
Get back together
it's always them you know
For what don't get you leave a
mark on your back
Like the piece that doesn't
fit in the jar that cracked
Forgetting what you've been told

Some you lose and some you give away
Some you lose, some you give away
You give away, yeah, yeah, yeah

I left some candles
by the side of your house
Case you got lost or needed showing out
Maybe we�

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