Luke Bryan - Drinkin' Beer and Wastin' Bullets Lyrics

Artist: Luke Bryan Lyrics
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Album: Track 11 on Doin' My Thing
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Out in the sticks
With the squirrels and the ticks
And my thirty-aught-six
I'm running out of miller light
Trucks in park
The dog wont bark
Couple hours 'till dark
Wishing one would walk by
Might as well left my gun in the gun rack
Been here all day all I killed a 12-pack

Sittin' here
Waitin' on a deer
Drinkin' beer and wastin' bullets
Aiming at the empties
Missin' hittin' pine trees
Ain't my fault them cans keep movin'
My baby's on the phone
Saying baby come home
Where ya been and whatcha been doing
Well I've been sittin' here
Waiting on a deer
Drinkin' beer and wastin' bullets

The only deer I seen's
Been John Deere green
But that don't mean
That I got a raw deal
'Cause there ain't no boss
Callin' me hoss
Tickin' me off
On the edge of this corn field
On my second box of Winchester hundred grains
Ain't seen a big buck
But its been a good day

[Chorus: x2]

Sittin' here waitin' on a deer
Drinkin' beer
Wastin' bullets

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