Artist: David Allan Coe
Song Title: Missin' the Kid
Missing you’s nothing compared to missing the kid

She was the light of my life she could brighten the darkness
If not for her we’d have nothing to show for it all
You took what’s left of what once was my reason for livin’
Livin’ without her is no reason for living at all

Someday shell ask you to answer a lot of old questions
What will you tell her about me if she wants to know
She was too young to remember the reason you left me
If you found a reason to tell her I’d sure like to know

I tell myself that it’s all for the best if I don’t try to see her
Seeing her now would not make up for all she’s been through
Watching two people she once called her mother and father
Acting like stranger that’s something I just could not do

I can’t believe after all of these years I still miss you
Why won’t your memory leave me the same way you did
Taking all but my pride one things for certain
Missing you is nothing compared to missing the kid