Artist: Daz Dillinger
Song Title: All I Need
I'm tired of *****s talkin' **** like "Daz this, Daz that"
Daz' Dat ***** so you *****z better back back
Or get clapped, I ain't trippin', got the clip in
Smokin' bomb while I'm whippin' and you know I'm steady Crippin'
Steady grippin' on that nina trigger finger
In between ya if I stroke ya then them hollows come and steam ya
And ************s know I'm still who I was
If I ain't changed for the crackers why change for the thugs?
I'm ridin' chrome, 24's, 25, 26's
(Smokin' while we hollerin' at some *****es)
We gettin' twisted with the law on my back
With a white Desert Eagle in the floor of the 'Llac
I charge *****s whatever to do a song now
Why wouldn't I homie, I'm from the Dogg Pound
And I ain't gotta wave the four around
Cause on anybody's street, cats know it's a dogg town

[Chorus: x2]
One gun is all that I need, to put you to rest
(Pump-pump) Put two slugs dead in your chest
One gun is all that I need, all-all that I need
All that I need, to put you to rest

Now when you see me and I'm fresh off the plane
With a pack of the Hait', in my hand
(And I'm just bout to blaze it up) ***** I don't give a ****
Prince of the West, blue star on my Chucks
Yeah, I'm still hittin' and dippin'
Fill tip in the clip and - we ain't never been cool
And I ain't friends with your crew, I don't care who you know
************, I'm against what you do
It ain't a bone in your body that I won't break
Stone that I won't take, mash your face until your dome ache
I'm in the ring still standin'
The peoples champ, I'm what they demandin'
We take the win, all you take is the LBC
We don't play that (***** ***** stay back)
Or get your ***** *** layed back
By this Dogg Pound Gangsta, simple and plain black

[Chorus: x4]