Artist: David Wilcox
Song Title: Never Enough
One man cruising on his ocean liner,
One trying to keep his lifeboat afloat.
One man trying to make his mansion finer,
One trying to make his house trailer note.
You give a guy a dollar in the parking lot,
And he holds his hand out for what else you've got,

'Cause there's never enough.
No there's never enough.
I mean even when I've got everything I need,
I can tell myself times are tough.
No there's never enough.

See, my uncle Jon went to Reno.
He won about a hundred grand.
But he kept on trying to beat the casino,
And he played it right out of his hand.

So now he's back bettin' the ponies,
And he's trying to get back on his luck,
But there's never enough...


Let's say tomorrow you win the lotto,
You got pockets so deep,
you drown all the sorrow.
You've got all the friends that money can buy,
now you're wondering if there's one you can trust.
'cause there's never enough...