Artist: David Lee Murphy
Song Title: 100 Years Too Late
When the sun is dawnin', and he's just gettin' up
Starin' out over the mornin' through the steam off his coffee cup
He thinks about a woman whose love he still holds dear
A sweetheart he kept hangin' on for way too many years
It could've been so different with a family and a wife
But he was crossed between his feelings and that Oklahoma sky

Another time and in another place
He might have rode with Jesse James
And though he rides, he can't out run his fate
'Cause he was born 100 years too late

It's hard to imagine another world out there
As he lays beside a campfire up in only God knows where
But he feels the day approachin' when the kind of life he's known
Will only be in stories and sung about in songs


And he wouldn't trade one sleepless night beneath the pourin' rain
If he had it all to do over again, he wouldn't change a thing