Artist: DJ Quik
Song Title: Sweet Black Pussy
Aww yeah!
Hey, check it out..
DJ Quik is in the **********in' house! (repeat 8X)

[DJ Quik]
Check it out...
Now I be knockin' *****es like it ain't ****
'Cause I'm a playa ************ named DJ Quik
Yo, maybe it's the way, I hold my ****

That makes all the girlies want to ride my tip
But some of these *****es try to act unfair (why?)
Maybe its because my hair is longer than theirs
But I don't give a ****, no I don't care

Because I'm like Noah's Ark - my *****es come in pairs
You see I'm 5'11", my **** is size seven
And if a hooker's fine I can stretch you a nine
It goes deep (how deep?) All up in that ****

I'll **** a ***** dry 'cause I don't know how to quit
I'm 19 (say what?) so I'm a young *** man
My eyes are brown and my skin is tan
So pull them cotton-*** panties right down to ya knees

If you want to take part in a proper-*** skeez
I'm more than a playa (word?) I'm more like a pimp (yeah!)
I love black ***** but I sure won't simp
I got the *****es on my jock like an airplane wing

And only way for me to get 'em off I have to sing
I say, "Oooh hoe, don't jock me so,
Never-ever-ever want to let me go,
Once I whip this **** on you!" Hey, check it out

I say, "Ooh hoe, don't call me no mo',
How in the **** can I let you know,
That I'm a **********in' troop!" (Aw yeah, word 'em up!)
Now that ought a tell ya right then and there

That I'm a true ************ so ya better beware
'cause when we huggin' and kissin', and ya want to get mushy
Girl ya best be prepared to **** because I love black *****!
I can't help it cause I love black *****...

I got to have it, just like a rabbit - black *****..
Black *****.. what kind?

[DJ Quik]
Yeah... and I'm takin'
All the money from these funky hoes that I be breakin'
If you say that there's another Quik then you're mistaken
I am not a coward and you'll never see me shakin'

Never breakin' lots of money that I'm makin'
If you double-cross me then I'll be your undertaker
I will never be-friend you because you are a steaker
Open up your mouth if you want some beefsteak-ah

If you suck it long enough you'll taste a milkshake-uh
Lyrics I am hummin, when they see me comin
Suckers they... aww ****, hold up man

This the wrong **********in' page and ****
Aww ****, I need to start on the..
Oh okay, here we go:

Black *****! Always talkin bout it 'cause I love it
Women get grown up just as soon as they let me rub it
And in a week's span, my homey Freak-Man
Sinks into so much ***** we should call him Quik-sand
(Last hoe was done by the true ************s
from the P-E-N-T-H-O-you-S-E) Players Clique

Tweetey's in the cold room, Freaky's in the studio room
I am in the livin room, and Hammer's in the bedroom
Freakin' (Or should I say skeezin?)
Call it livin large in 1990 because playin be the reason

So many freaks we have to forward the calls
And when the girlies hear the.. {*beeper goes off*}
... they pause, and get hot (how come?)
I think they know what time it is

They should know that's how we handle our biz (gotta handle it)
They shouldn't trip and call playin a sin
Because it's in and we're all black men so we love black *****!
And ya know that, because we show that!

Aww yeah!
'Cause DJ Quik is the king of the underground scene

DJ Quik is in the **********in' house (say what?)
DJ Quik is in the **********in' house (say WHAT?)

And Shabby Doo is in the **********in' house (is that right?)
And Too E Caddy's in the **********in' house (aww yeah!)
And Playa Hamm is in the **********in' house (say what?)
And Donzelly's in the **********in' house (say WHAT?)

And Greedy Gregg is in the **********in' house, break it down!
Aww yeah.. DJ Quik is in here for the big 9-0!
Along with the O.G.P.B.C. in the **********in' house baby
Yo, and we outta here, peace