Artist: DJ Quik
Song Title: Let You Havit

Now this is for the G's who know we needs that gangsta ****
It's like the P Funk we funk so its gotsta hit
And when you fire up that hooter pass it to the young G
The ***** Mista Quik that's me from the see to the P to the T

And when I'm givin it up for my hood you can't clown
'Cause when we lettin off you gots to duck down
And then we're rollin back to the spot where they hang
(Westside fo'hundred street gang) so it's a street thang

Makin that grip and stackin the chips high
Ballin never fallin I gots to stay fly
Whether they smokin up them beadies or rollin the joints fat
I gotta kick it with my *****z cause it's like that

And you need to know I ain't for none, because I'm dumpin
The hollow point rounds that got everybody humpin
But *****z they keep on mouthin, kickin up the static
But keep on talkin **** *machine gun* and I'ma let you havit

Yeah yeah
Huh, I'ma let you havit
Check this

Somebody told me that you dissed me (*****) in your video
But I ain't trippin cause I'm knowin you ain't nothin but a silly hoe
And yeah I said your monkey *** name in my underground tape
But if you peeped game you woulda heard me say

("To the top of the tree, for C-M-W-C")
We wasn't dissin lettin you know the other side was on a mission
Comin' up with the Quik-ness, now you know who's **** this is
Down in the throats of the Compton's Most *****es

So take this **** back to your set if you got one
And I'ma be puttin the double oh bugs in my shotgun
And if you come back ****in around I'ma take your life
Why would you come back to a gunfight, with a ****in knife?

So there it is MC Eiht, cause you're wack
And Mista Quik can beat the *****z down with another sack
So keep on rollin in your Camry or your Rabbit but
if I catch you slippin in my hood, gotta let you havit

Ahh yeah
Gotta let you havit
Huh, I'ma let you havit