Artist: DMX
Song Title: My Niggas (skit)
Just 'cause I love my *****s (L-Dog.)
I shed blood for my *****s (Ryde or die.)
Let a ***** holla, "Where my *****s?" (Get down or lay down.)
All I want to hear is, "Right here, my *****s."
(We here, *****.)

You won't take this from me baby!
You will not take this from me baby!
Ya know!

My *****s, some *****s that you don't want to try.
My *****s, some *****s that's really do or die.
My *****s, will have you cowards ready to cry.
My *****s, will fry, my *****s will rob.
My *****s, keep *****s on they ****in' job.
My *****s, know what it's like when **** gettin' hard.
My *****s, stay pullin' you other *****s cards.
My *****s, It's God, my *****s, we'll shine.
My *****s, just knew it was a matter of time.
My *****s, let me know to keep ****in' with the rhymes.
My *****s, ain't no longer livin' with crime.
My *****s, is fine, my *****s is good.
My *****s, keep you *****s knocking on wood.
My *****s, know how to take it back to the hood.
My *****s, will put you down right where you stood.
My *****s, they could, my *****s, they will.
My *****s, take you straight to the back and get ill.
My *****s, give it straight to the bank when we kill.
My *****s, put *****s on ice till they chill.
My *****s, is still my *****s; is dogs, my *****s.
My *****s, is dogs; my *****s will fight.
My *****s, will beat ya till you see no light.
My *****s, is bright; my *****s is dim.
My *****s, will tear ya limb from limb.
My *****s, is thin; my *****s is swole.
My *****s, will hang you from a pole.
My *****s, is old, my *****s is young.

You better get out my face before your bell gets rung.