Artist: Duran Duran
Song Title: Drug (It's Just a State of Mind)
Take me every morning
Take me every night
Take me when you're feeling low
Take me when you want to stay
Up all night

Before you slip into the white
There's something I want you to know
In all your stretch of consciousness
You've still got a long way to go
Some make you spin
Some make you sweat
It's only here for you to choose
Some like it hot
But I like it wet, so tell me
What have we got to lose now?


(A hit, a hit)
A hit to fit reality
It's just a state of mind
And you, and it - it's more than just
And that's what you've got to find
We'll make you spin
We'll make you sweat
All you have to do is choose me
And if you would try
And alternative high
Then tell me, what have we got to lose now?

[Chorus x 2]