Artist: Dwarves
Song Title: Fuck Em All
I ****ed one in the basement
I ****ed one in the hall
****ed one at a toilet seat in a bathroom stall
****ed one in an alley
Up against the wall
I ****ed em all
I ****ed one in Exotica
And then I got the blues
Then I ****ed a college girl
Didn't have a clue
****ed one turning sideways
I can't turn em down (?)
I ****ed em all
It seems like balling *****es
That's all I ever do
Hey you better watch your ***
I'll **** that too
I ****ed one on a freight train
Rolled a load all night
****ed a girl in Pittsburgh
Steel is what they like
****ed an operator
Yeah she takes my calls
I ****ed em all