Artist: E-Rotic
Song Title: Veejay the DJ
Veejay's a little man
But I'm his biggest fan
Keeps playin' all the hits
Just putting on the ritz
Veejay's a flashing light
He's into fun all night
He gets it going on, on and on

Veejay the DJ
He is so slim
But every girlie wants to sleep with him
Veejay the DJ
Moves like a cat
But he's the tiger in my bed
Veejay the DJ (ooh, ooh, ooh)
Veejay the DJ (ooh, ooh, ooh)

Veejay's of minor size
But look into his eyes
He's crazy as can be
He'll set the tiger free
He creeps into your soul
And tries to gain control
Veejay we need you so
Go go go