Artist: Gene Loves Jezebel
Song Title: Down
I'm going to the place where the sun never shines
I'm leaving all the darkness
I'm leaving the blind with the blind
I'm going down, down, down

Pray for me
Where do I run to
What the hell do I do
I talked to my preacher, he said

"Son, I can't help you."
You'r going down, down, down, down
Pray for me
I talked to my mama, she said

"Son, keep your head high.
Try to do something good before you die."
But, I'm so down
You gotta help me, Mama

Cos I think I might drown
Going down, going down
Pray for me
Hey kid, come with me - take a chance

Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow might never come
I know of a place for you and I to hide away
Yeah, we'll build a dream
A dream that never dies...