Artist: Gravity Kills
Song Title: Disintegrate
No I never meant to but my mind already did
If you made an offer I would strip you to the skin
Are you trying to forget?
I'm still making love to it
Are you having some regret?
I don't even want to know
You're selling me, you're selling me, you're selling me
Into the light
I'm counting your lies
Cast me aside
I'm losing myself this time
All you little playthings so hard to understand
Send me to the test tube where your innocence began
So be careful when you pray
Chasing every word you say
Do you really want to know
All is here to beg and borrow
Feeling so infected by everything you do
Looking unaffected, nothing I can do for you
Do you really think I care
That you sit around and stare?
Have you anything to do?
Does everything cave in around you?