Artist: Grits
Song Title: Video Girl (feat. Knowdaverbs)
You a video girl
(you must be kidding me girl)
You a video girl
(you must be kidding me girl)
Video girl create your own world
The only one in existence is you
No one's resistant to you
You and only you and you
Seem like a dream on the screen
Tantalize and titillate,
Video girl of the world
She was slightly dressed
Out 2 impress, ready 2 party
Gettin casted 4 tha club scenes dyin 2 shake her body
To get on tha set
She compromised 4 tha dollas
Dancin freaky w tha rappers obsessed w poppin collers
Bought some hair and nails
Found some dudes that rap
While she's rockin tha tiny shorts and thashirt from baby gap
Misinformed adolescent
She was teenage old
Never told of her inner goal
When she was wrongfully clothed
Just a jewel that got appraised by unqualified guys
They lied, shotload, don't kno her worth in God's eyes
Fellas after tha flesh, they aint goin' see wat im gettin
Cuz they measure every girl by these video women
I'm sick of all they constant bouncin then they say
We disrespectful cuz we crave em with our instant
Pouncin the money drive em to mishaps and under
They thongs lie decay and collapse no morals perhaps
The scenery's pretty the suns shining it's nice out
A pretty girl freakin on a pimp who'd knock her lights out
Gangsta with gold fronts and the girl he's advancin on
Would rather run him over with the truck she's dancing on
And he'd be hurt up pretty badly i must say word up
It aint over bone is third up
Don't debate it i know they hate being affiliated
To this world they created with facades that leave you devastated
The glamorous life price for your souls rest
Simple mentality in a world complex-acap