Artist: Grammatrain
Song Title: Pain
I wish that I could say I am a perfect man
One day I decided I would think on this,
I wish sometimes that I would not be who I am

not knowing if faith and pain could co-exist:
Could I ever on my own conceive
Of someone I did not know, but I need?
I must be made to be at peace and communion

'cause there must be some place somehow from where I have fallen
I find through every ounce of pain I feel
That my mind cannot deny that God is real
Leaves me in conclusion that I know the way

the inconsistency of what I say I should be
Compared to what I am in actuallity
Though I am unable to always obey

my soul's hunger for a deeper life
Nothing in this world has satisfied
The weight of my misdeeds were crushing, blinding me
I still live with pain inside but now I see

- Solo -
- Chorus -

The peices of my life are scattered on the floor
I stared at them till I could take no more
I do not deserve to be set free
Forgiveness is what I despereately need

If it wasn't for the perfect blood was shed
Would I not be dead inside but I live instead
- Chorus (2x) -

believe through all my tearsi know my faith's still here