Artist: Altered Aeon
Song Title: Desensitizer
A new form of life
The legions of science
Forming alliance
A forged twisted mind, born in this time
Enslaved it will find
A faceless existence, a life in resistance

No one could foresee the pain
Of creating a being born insane
An embryo of a starless sky
Not able to live, nor able to die

Fabricated anomaly, writhing endlessly
Forever it will be
Considered a project
(An) unfortunate defect
Cataclysmic event but none will repent
Another step in the task to prevent
Unfortunate defects, anomalous projects

Orchestrating DNA
Reaching for perfection, gaining decay

Constructed star
Rising now
Shining scarred
Striking down

Creating this desensitizer
A progress from which none is wiser
Desensitized in formative years
Now turning to hate instead of tears

Constructed star
Rising now
Shining scarred
Striking down

New paradigm for humanitarian crime
Vengeance about to arrive
The project returning
With hatred burning
A false twisted mind, once born in time
Vengeance it will find
A soul forged in fire, desensitized