Artist: Insane Clown Posse
Song Title: Wizard of the Hood
One time, the ICP with this ****
For you and your boys to say "**** yeah" to
Yo, J, kick some of that **** about the wizard and all that
Drop a psycho beat and go on and rap, bald-headed ****

Aw ****, homeboy, you should of seen me
I was flipped at the party drinking a fifth of MD
Straight passed out on his mother's bed
Seven cans of brew going through my head
Dreaming, I was sipping on Faygo
In my dope house, here comes a tornado
Huh, I can't run no where
'Cause the whole damn house was spinning through the air

And don't laugh just yet
(And it's blindin' my **********ing eyes, bet)
And here comes a three and a half foot pimp
With a blue zoo suit and a mack daddy limp
Yo, I gotta grip on my weapon
'cause this midget ************ and his boys are stepping

"Oh my, look at the witch
You crushed and killed that wicked old *****"

And they saying that I'm doomed
'cause I killed some ho that rides on a broom
**** this, I'm going back to where I stay
And I walking down the yellow brick alleyway

We're off to see the wizard
(Sing along, sing along)
We're off to see the wizard

Drop the ************s all the way to Delray
Drop the ************s all the way to Delray

Well, go on ************