Artist: Insania
Song Title: Fire
Run with me, through the holy fire.
Burn with me, feel its desire.
We're crossing the lines, we're extending our minds.
These furious flames will lengthen our lives.

When other grow old we become one with the future,
We might save our souls from our fall.

Don't be afraid, to cross the waters.
Scream it our loud, and you won't falter.
We're traveling through time, we're extending our minds.
This fire of strength, will lengthen our lives.

It gives us the power of earth, sky and dimensions,
So far away from your lives...

March with us marching hand in hand,
March with us to this glorious land,
We will live eternally.
Sing the tunes of our future song,
Happiness from our hearts so strong,
Come with us and you will see...