Artist: Jewel
Song Title: Satellite
Babies on beach blankets headed for Mars
Cute guys in crew cuts with the day goes to bars
There's a pretty lady in a bikini
Her eyes are bright
But her teeth look like smashed out window panes
She's trying to fix her dreams
With sushi and facials and carrot juice

There's a wide wall
That she can't see over now
But that's OK
Because mistakes are allowed when you're a

Yoga classes so you can look good
At a singles bar
California is sure lovely
It's the home of the stars
And everybody's got a great body, but souls
Are like shadows
Cause everybody's so shriveled up inside
They're trying to hide behind
Volleyball and Valium and Power Bars


We understand a lot of things
About modern technology but not about dreams
Our hearts are on the shelves
We can't fix ourselves
But we can fix a satellite

Cause in Hollywood the heroes
Are strung out on grace
And half-skinned gypsies
They're crying to leave this place


We can fix a Satellite

The Pope can't fix my broken heart
Rock and Roll can't fix my broken Heart
Valium can't fix my broken heart
Miss Cleo can't fix my broken heart
But will you

Fix my broken heart [Repeat: x4]
Fix my broken heart
Fix my broken heart