Artist: Kayak
Song Title: Dead Bird Flies Forever
Listen to that sound
A voice that seems to come from far
The spirits talk wish that I could hear
The words are vague but the meaning?s clear
The secret of life
Children of the seance tell no lie

If you?d spoil it all
By turning on the lights and say
It?s only waste of my precious time
Playing this game to mislead my mind

They'll haunt you at night
Children of the seance never die

Questions of a thousand dreams of more

Miracles and magic hands
No one really understands

Who's been telling all these stories
The words that I remember, things I
Never should have heard: only dead birds fly
Forever, forever

Drowned in space and time
Challenging worlds beyond the stars
Searching for answers our life conceals
Holding the key but the door is sealed
Until we find out
Life is just what living's all about