Artist: Keith Murray
Song Title: How's That
Ha ha, ayyaah, owww owww
Funked out, word is bond, word is bond
Then you ayyyayyyah ha
In the mother, in the **********in house
With a **** in your mouth
Word is bond, word is bond

I freak a technique goin way back like just-ice
And don't think twice because I'm nice
I come from the Mothership unknown to man
With a blunt in my hand, a mic in the other hand
God damn I slam I jam like this
Sure nuff, my rap style is Cold Crush
And plus, I tears the roof off the mothersucker
my brother, fly **** that makes Stevie Wonder
Heyyyy, who can it be now watch out
It's the E live in 3-D with Keith and are-E-D
I gets down for my troops
And I ahh... get-it get-it get-it like Luke
For those, who don't believe my skills get these
I got mad expertise, for all you duck MC's
I'm funky like G Thing my *****
I want to know who's up in here, before I pull the trigger

[Is New York up in here? HELL YEAH
Is Def Squad up in here? HELL YEAH
Is NJ up in here? HELL YEAH
The Green Beret's up in here! HELL YEAH]

Verbally, I sew the brains up like Trapper
John M.D. got nine millis made of lacquer
Count Dracula, back with the, tow-truck with the
Get Biz like Mark fuel-injected like Maximus
My style sicker than an AIDS victim drinkin forty-five malt liquors
I roll the spliff up
The underground, slam, shock like Shazam
Check my Jams get Def when I kick Methods like Man
Computerized Robocop sounds I drop in sequence
Funky to death so ask that old ***** where the beef went
When I do em, I glue em, stick em like Patrick Ewing
My **** bumps like Puerto Rican people moved in
next door, I get raw with the grrrahhhh!
Call four-one-one cause I'm Ghetto Red Hot
Bo bo bo! Funk Doctor Spock catch a bruisin
My style gets respect fifty Muslims
You hang on strings like loose ends, with my hands on the nine
Watch yo nugget *****, I get busy with mines

[How's that? (cause I gets busy with mines)
How's that? (cause I gets busy with mines)
How's that? (cause I gets busy with mines)
How's that? (cause I gets busy with mines
It's Keith Murray)]

I come rollin in when I see that low flow
Heckuva foe, heard a gun and settled for a metaphor
I'm naive between the sleeves of the sheets
Murderin, who should ever try to **** with me
Murray word is bond gets it on
And ready to blow any ***** out the cypher of the sniper hype at dawn
Long live Def to the Squad
And we smokin everybody out there, **** it ain't that hard
I brings classic drama microphone enbalmer
Have your momma beg behind bars for your kidneys tomorrow
My murderous apprentice E Dub
Makes hard funk beats that I become part of
When I be like A-E-I-O-you or battle
*****z be like who who who who who like night owls
The most beautifullest thing in this world
is I shitted, and why'all was with it dig it