Artist: Kelly Joe Phelps
Song Title: Crow's Nest
Come along to the riverside. Sit down now
I just want to hear somebody else whine
If you've got tomorrow, I've got a blade
We can dig a hole into an old book
Keep our secrets there

I know of another place beneath some overgrown vine.
I can cut them back and help you down
There I'll listen to every song you know
I'll clap when you are through
And maybe then I will kiss you

I've been waiting for a long time to get these stories out.
Tell me yours and I will tell you mine
Spin them sideways, over ground, tie a rope around my shoulder.
Tend to aching in the morning

Come along to the riverside. Lay down now
We can hold or not say all at all.
We'll jump out the crow's nest, heave ashore, wave the might skull and crossbones
Up that hill and back down