Artist: Kent
Song Title: Stop Me June (Little Ego)
I´ve been waiting for my brilliance to
Shine through
Like waiting would do
I´ve been called a little coward more
Than once
It hurts when it´s true
I´ve been following your footprints in
The snow
Trying to return the excuses that I stole

I´m the first on and the last off the bus
Little ego be still
And I fight the cold wind back up the street
To Hagnesta Hill
And the darkness and the snow fallen as one
And I lost my scarf
At a bus stop on the outskirts of town

I gather all the courage and the hate
Little ego is wild
And my voice broke I finally reached
That age
I was cruel as a child
If this feeling that remains is not mine
Then it´s something new
Maybe my brilliance shining through

It´s noisy, can´t think I can´t speak
I´m tired of handshakes so please
Get rid of this crowd I can´t breathe here
You just have to let me go, you just have to
Let me go

It´s noisy, can´t think I can´t speak.