Artist: Kim Richey
Song Title: Let It Roll
When I'm a breath away from going down
A step away from losing ground
And the price for love has come due

And when I'm just barely hanging on
On the edge of too far gone
And I need something to get me through

When there's no reason to believe
And life ain't all, it's cracked up to be
Let it roll over me

When my last chance goes up in smoke
And I can't see a shred of hope
And the tears can't wash away these blues

And when my best shot keeps fallin' short
And I don't care much anymore
'Cause my poor heart feels used

When love ain't all that fair
I sing out a simple prayer
Let it roll over me

Let it roll, let it wash away
Let it all fall where it may
Let it roll right over me

When there's no place left to run
Yeah, if that day should ever come
Let it roll over me
Let it roll over me