Artist: Kingston Falls
Song Title: Sand Castle Karma

Throw out the old rulebook, rulebook.
Throw it out.
Bring back the old playbook, black book.
Use it now.

Tonight is your night, so answer the call.
If you are going to bleed, we will take it all.
It's not about self pity, it's about recovery.
If there is any confusion, we will show you what we mean.

Show your brothers some love.
Crack a smile, let's run.
Don't be afraid of anyone, anyone.

When you feel like no one believes in you,
I want you to know that I still do.
When you feel like no one loves you. I do.

Pick yourself up off the ground.
Let's go out and paint the town.
Looks like you're a free man now.
We'll show you what life's about.

Your heart had been kidnapped. The music was mismatched.
Now that you wish that you'd never kissed that,
raise up your fist and say you're convinced
that it was all worth it and she is no princess.

Tonight we paint the town and burn the beaches down.
She's gone, you've come around. Build a new castle.