Artist: Loudermilk
Song Title: Rock 'n' Roll & The Teenage Desperation

Get off the phone, he just broke up with his girlfriend
We dyed our hair and played a show over the weekend
We drive a cadillac from 1967 and in the end all God's children go to heaven
Cut out of class because it's useless information
They got a mouth that just attacks imagination...
I couldn't care because it's only aggravation
I'm all dressed up but I ain't got no invitation
It doesn't matter when we're's innovation
We're kids in corporations, I quit my job because the lack of motivation
Don't need a girl for some kinda inspiration
We got guitars and some amplification
It's rock 'n' roll & the teenage desperation
We're kids in corporations
Lack of motivation
Teenage desperation
The only thing that saves you at all
And I'm so far gone it's insane and it's rock 'n' roll that's to blame
And nothin's gonna keep us down