Artist: Level 42
Song Title: I Sleep on My Heart
The time has come for dreaming
Don`t be tired, but I feel a need to sleep
'Cause my life takes on you meaning
When I close my eyes and you reveal yourself to me
That`s our time, time for changes
A time for reason
Something only you can see
All my life I have waited
For a chance to give a love
Only you demand of me

Fame and success are poor relations
The more I get the less I need it
Happiness is an unknown sensation
My heart has a hunger and only you can feed it

Come on in my dreams tonight
Show me where to start
Come on I need to shed some light
I want to sleep on my heart

In the past for protection
When someone got too close
Yet another bridge would burn
But I can find no connection
Between the love that you propose and the lessons I have learned

I want to hear your explanations
You`ll never know how much I need it
I want my tears to pay your reflection
'Cause my heart has a hunger and only you can feed it


I`m sitting here surrounded my possessions
Objects that confront me night and day
The fruits of my material obsession
But it seems the more I earn the more I have to pay
You've made it clear that blind ambition
Leads nowhere and I don`t need it
I've lost all my fear
All my inhibitions my heart has hunger but I know you can feed it...