Artist: Madball
Song Title: Lockdown
Don't ask me nomore questions
Just get out of my face
I told you I know nothing
I'm leaving this ****ed up place
You're trying to take my freedom for
Something that I haven't done
I'm not a ****ing rat
So just go **** yourself

Justice, justice
That word don't mean nothing to you
**** you, **** you
**** you and your system too
You've ruined my life
There's no turning back now

If I don't rat I'll never get out
I know nothing, that's not
What I'm about
You locked me up an innocent man
Because I got some pride
I got some pride

Can't you see what you're
Doin' to me
Locked me down when I should be free
I've done no wrong
I'm an innocent man
You don't give a ****
You'll never understand