Artist: Luxt
Song Title: Inside
Feels like it's killing me. Oh how it's thrilling me.
Your skin is slicking me. So thick and sickening.
Your vile wet filling me. While my heart's chilling me.

You run, from the tip of my tongue.
Cloth once undone falls from my thighs.
Why is it when you come, you can't quite look into my eyes?


I can't - quite get my head straight. I can't wait, but here I stand.
Stuck in this frozen state, I bring supply to your demand.
Why such a mind fuck every time we're stuck into this fix.
Wipe away the sticky sweet, but know it's guilt that always sticks.

Dry lungs and skeletal plunged,
into the deepest, wettest, something.
Why do you turn away when I'm, coming,
I'm coming, I'm coming, I'm coming?

What's trust? I don't know that word.
Try lust, it's more familiar.
Your most endearing trait might be,
How much I'd love to kill you.
Restraint, ain't so easy now.
My hate is building ever down.
My goal is clear and sound in...
Grudge fucking you into the ground.

Grudge Fuck You!


You're eating me alive from the... Inside.
You're tearing at me when you come... Inside.
You're swallowing my pleasure from... Inside.
The trap is set as I lure you... Inside.