Artist: Melanie Thornton
Song Title: Intoxicated
Music, wine and candlelight
You know how to please me
The way you walk - the way you talk
Something turns me on

You stopped my tears from falling
And showed me how to smile
When Iím close to you there's nothing else
That I would rather do

One on one - it's tender love
I'm yearning for your touch
Your sweet caress, your gentleness
Is what I'm dreaming of

Intoxicated - I'm addicted
My feet are losing ground
Intoxicated - I'm attracted
You turn me inside out
Intoxicated - I'm devoted
When you touch my soul
Intoxicated - now I know that
I'm burning for your love !
(I can never get enough - intoxicated)

When you kiss me I'm in heaven.
You make loving fun.
It ís pure delight - you do me right -
You know how to love me...

Shower me with your love
You know what I want
No, I can't get enough - take my heart...
I'm addicted to your love !