Artist: Memphis
Song Title: A Ghost Story

As kids we used to watch them in the alley come and go
We could see the imprints of their footprints in the snow
They'd turn the corner out of sight
And we'd always let them go
We didn't want to know
I saw one disappear in to the dusk living room
Rain was beating on the sidewalk
But I heard him hum a tune
The melody familiar, but higher than I knew it
I ran up to my bed
And I quickly got into it
Hid my head beneath the covers,
Counted up to ten
I looked around the room
And they were back again
Sitting at my bedside, watching over me
Turned the lock upon my door
And swallowed up the key
They stroked my head and whispered,
“Now we'll never set you free'
And they never set me free
The years turned into ages
And I could see them still
Sometimes moving like an angel
Sometimes coming for the kill
They made me hide my real face
Quite against my will
I admit it was a thrill
Now everywhere I go
And in everything I do
It's them who's haunting me
And it's me who's haunting you
And I'll follow you until the day
That you're a spirit too
And that's my ghost story.