Artist: Martina McBride
Song Title: Everybody Does
This ain't the first time you've fallen in love
With your heart wide oped
Feeling just like a fool, knowing that
You're the only one left holdin' on
He broke your heart
You can't cry hard enough
But you're not the only one

Everybody loves someone
Everybody hurts sometimes
Everybody says they'll never fall again
But everybody does
Yeah, everybody does

How many times have you said he's the one
And found out that he wasn't?
Always thinkin' it's gonna hurt forever
But, then, one day it doesn't anymore
You've come so far
Still a long way to go
Just remember, you're never alone


Everybody jumps in
Never really knowin'
Where it's really goin'
You just have to trust in
Your heart, oh yeah