Artist: Murs
Song Title: Trevor an' Them
Now there's one in hood off Picko or some ****
Through the years its been the center for a lot a dumb ****
Lemme tell you about this one trip to the store
Where the early mornin' tints sometime 'round four
I was standing by the magazines readin' a Maxim
When I heard a familiar voice to the the counter dude and ask him
To empty out the register (Naw that can't be Trevor)
Excuse me, Tiny T-Bone from the neighborhood gang
Who if his head wasn't screwed on he would lose his brain
He was with two other dudes, I don't remember their names
I thought great, it was time for me to shake
But as I headed to the door I heard a voice say (Wait)
When I turned around, he recognized me and I knew it
I was about to leave, that's when that ***** blew it
He lifted up his mask and said (Hey Murs it's me Trevor)
I said "You dumb ************ do you use your brain, ever?"
Never mind, I turned around gave a deuce
Walkin' to the car feelin like Q in Juice
Remember when he wouldn't barb Liz and let him loose?
Anyway here comes this ***** running, big bag of money
He hoped in ride, I said "You Goddamn dummy
They Got Yo *** on Tape" (But they didn't see my face)
"Well they got my car and my ****in' license plate
Man get the **** gone" (Murs why you gotta hate)
"Hate nor love got **** to do with this
You better run for the fives come through this *****
You know you got to strikes, you better use them new Nike's
To dodge all them blue lights" He looked and said (You right)
Then he bolted up the street
Once he left my slight I gave a sigh of relief
But that was right before I peeped, this dumb ************
Left the bag full of money sitting right there on my passenger seat