Artist: Ms. Dynamite
Song Title: Gotta Let U Know
I don't want to be the one to turn and walk away
I still feel you in my heart but I just can't stay
I ain't nobody's fool, I know just what I'm worth
I know what I want, What I need, What I feel that I deserve
You said you want to be someone
Said you want to get out the game
And I'm hearin' all your talk but I ain't seein' no change
You say you want to grow wit' me and uplift each others minds
But baby all you're showing me is you wasting your time

I just gotta let you know
I don't want nobody else
I just want to see you grow
But I can't help if you won't help yourself
I just gotta let you know
I don't want nobody else
I just gotta let you go
'cause I can't help if you want help yourself

[Verse Two]
I have always told you that I'm happy being second best
To your baby girl but I ain't havin' your baby mumma's stress
Her childness
Her intent is obvious
And ***** the way you deal with her
You're fooling with my trust
Now boy it's really killing me
You don't have to say a word
I see the sorrow in your eyes
And in my soul I feel your hurt
I'm guessin' it's your pride that keeps your pain so deep inside
But it's stressin' questionin' how you feel and why you hide