Artist: Mr. Hyde
Song Title: Barn of the Naked Dead

[from the movie "The Ring"]
The horses keep her up at night... she doesn't like it in the barn
[Mr. Hyde]
In my locker of torn flesh, got three on a meat hook
Fuck a dead pussy then orgasm and leave guck
Merc'in' in the bushes waitin' for your car to stall
I'll be right there when it does with a blade and start the maul
Now you're naked in a barn, do your trachea some harm
I'm wrappin' up your arms real tastefully in yarn
My kitty scratches you, strikin' you like matches do
I got females in my dungeon, about fifty batches full
They're all ready to get skinned, kid, their flesh is gettin' pinned
By the window near the sun, shine you like aluminum
They can run but I am faster, their stamina won't last, dumb
Cunts get what they asked for, rot to their disaster
Get out of my dreams girl and into my barn
My demonous schemes will do you whores harm
Get out of my dreams and into my barn
Detaching your spleens, your legs, heads and arms
No escape from the torture that you're sure to endure
You're naked and soft, it's time to murder you, whore
Peel external fleece with my nails when I slay
Rest in eternal peace under big bails of hay
[Mr. Hyde]
I'll make them bleed, twist and shout, plant a seed then rip it out
I throw the sicker out and take a shit up in her mouth
Defecate upon the dead corpse a shitty mixture
I'll hang it near my bed for a very pretty picture
Their daddy's'll miss them after I capture and kiss them
Got a hanger to whip them just in case they don't listen
My scissor it reap, because their liver is sweet
Now deliver the meat to my carnivorous teeth
Time to tighten up my crutch, gettin' set to slash them up
All bashful sluts get stuffed with cashew nuts
I got all of their nice tits locked up in a vice grip
Squirtin' holy fluid like the blood in which Christ did
As he got whipped in the garden of thorns
Lure them bitches to my barn then a carcass is born
[Mr. Hyde]
Sluts are drained of memory, relieved of their extremities
Unexpectedly stripped, invaded rectally
Stick my dick up your ass, bitch, I consider you raped
Got your trip to your casket up on video tape
Loosen boots and your skirt down to your panties and bra
When I seduce you get hurt, who says you can't be a star
Get myself an erection every one or two I slay
Got your head on a tray, bury the rest of you in hay
My barn is resourceful, I'm harmin' you awful
Make 'em swallow a mothball or hundreds of jawfulls
Put babes into harnesses then my blade tarnishes
Force it through their cunts, what a beautiful barn this is