Artist: Mr. Serv-On
Song Title: Hustlin'
{Master P}
"***** if you buyin' 10 birds"
"and Mystikal buyin' 10 birds"
"and I go in 10 a bird ***** we got 30 birds"

*****s bow down respect this killa
Candy dilla cap pilla
Legend maker take yo ho' break ha'
Make ha' shake ha' *** tabletop
Drop top candy painted
16 switches in tha trunk
***** so what you want
I'm bout my hustle day & night
**** yo life
If you play me bout my change
Rearange tha game
Got a block from people 7
Sold it 12 mo'
Before he hit tha doe'
Hitem' twice
Got my money and my ice ****ed his wife
Made ha' thick pork chops,peas,and rice
Southern dealergittin' his hustle every night
***** pass tha dice
Bail Joe on a come-up
Hit my pointgotta blaze up
Me my ***** about 10 she shook that for 14
Took a Gbreakin' em' off like P
I'ts tha pimp in metryin' to git my coins
Anyway I can
See Tanya walk to Westbay
Got my **** in hand
You gone pay me ***** to ride this stick
I know you wit this hustlin' ****
So hit yo knees trick
(4x repeat)
{Master P}
hustlin' day & night
that's my life
Candy painted on them gold thangs from tha rap game to tha dope game

As long back as I can remember
When I was comin' up I was tryin' to git somethin'
Felt like I didn't have nothin
(I had to)put in tha effort
And tightin' up on my hustle
Since spendin tha on
Utilities and a mind musta
Fish and chicken plate,macaroni cheez,green beanz
5 dollar supper
**** workin menimum wadge
Cause my feet hurtin' I'm musty
Cause tha first time somethin' come up missin' *****
Start watchin'like I don't trust ya
And as hard as I used to work
Find that ****
Then I'm really ****ed up
Next thang you know
I'm assed out unemployed but I didn't do nothin'
Try ya best to invest in my name but I keep strutin'
My financial situations gone be alrightjust gimme my check
***** I ain't stuttin ya
What ever got to do to keep focus keep from sufferin'
These *****z don't understand
I write my tightest **** when times is tuff
Sick & tired of dreamin' bout' blowin' up
Chances of makin' it glowin' up
Seem like it ain't gone happen to me either
Rate I'm goin' slow as ****
But never no worry
Wit every reward there's a struggle
And every mutha****in' come up there's a hustle
(4x repeat)

{Master p}
Rip tha game and got em' tossed up
Hundred G's two keys wit tha birder then we bought up
How many *****z holla solja runnin from tha rollas
Gone on that dolja hatas why'all can't hold
*****z off tha tank clockin' bank
So we jump off in them thangs
Got tha cane murda in tha dope game
Rappers gittin' killed
*****z guard yo grill
I'm from tha 3rd ward
So otha *****z better feel
Tha silence of tha land
*****z green & and ham
I be bussin' mutha****as like cuttin' up eggs and ham
Down south *****s ball
In a city like New Orleans
Specilfied for murda
That's why they call
Mystikal,and Serv-On
***** Master P
Why'all want a key
***** hit me on tha beep
Non for free
It's gone for 18 5
But when you hit us *****s
Check because we runnin' from tha southside