Artist: MuDvAyNe
Song Title: Central Disposal
My perspective on life is pain
Sponge textured soul so porous I can't drain
I just absorb violations of the pledge
You swore to me your perjury

Detours the life of my child
Chicanery from you for me violates natural instincts in you
Dissolve does the sibling
Artificial sympathy

You braid the noose you hang me in guilt your guilt
You blame me septen up the empathy
Broken lover in your head
Mental material mother she left and dead

Glacial feeling inherited
Pathetic mode of principle
Now I see the industry where you belong is killing
My deception in life was you

You bring all the pain that I'm used to
Double vision is my view
Conditions that tear right through my mind pain...
In my head I harness

It keeps my faith frigid love..
In my body doesn't breathe hate..
Don't know how much I ****in' hate you
Look what you've done to me

You won't leave me alone
Come back
No no no