Artist: MuDvAyNe
Song Title: The Hate in Me
Lend me your children to borrow
I just need to send them away
Long as the tears of sorrow
I promise will keep them safe
So sorry it didn't work out
You believe the liar in me
My god, my love, my life
My world, my lust, my rage

Agnostic, for the greater good
Where the good things seem to be
Few and far between
Conscious, loss of conscience
Pack the body on ice
Just to keep it numb
Now feel it
Blames a thing of the past
Threw away everything that I had
But robbing, for the last time
Stepping under my skin
(Cast in armor)

The hate in me
Feeling so empty
The guilt I swallow
Grab the line
Skin the face
Step through me
I leave you hollow


Suffering, of the many dead
Running through anarchy
Running gate, the powers loathe
Helps a thing of the past
Hold the gun to your head
(The hammer falls)


We're all dead, and we're lost the feeling
So dead, my heart, my life
As they threw it, lost in an instant
Soaring, in my eyes


I'm pissed

My god, my love, my life
My world, my lust, my grave