Artist: No Use For A Name
Song Title: Solitaire

I can pretend for you
that I mean every word said
it's true
That I'd probably rather be
like a stranger in disguise
And act as if nothing ever

Died or faded away,
got lonelier with age
And time isn't on our side

I'm sorry to take
the thoughts that keep you awake
And make it seem like they're overrated
You certainly talk about me more when
I fall down
And when I get up
my time is never enough
Loved in front behind my back hated
I guess it has everything to do with luck

I can defend the truth
but I sound like white noise to my friends
As I raise my glass to you
In a stupor we speak words
That couldn't be more honest

Lies we lived before
are fights without a war
I'm dead when it's in your head

I'm starting to think that all the buoys we sink
Are cutting our chances of being saved
I see that the end is all we have to let us know
I'd like to believe in something more than a dream
For when the will to be one has faded
I guess the truth will soon be deceived
My friend that isn't there
My solitaire